ValueScope has deep experience valuing oil and gas mineral interests, and its professionals have developed hundreds of mineral interest valuations that have been relied on for financial reporting, tax reporting, and litigation support in recent years.

In addition to our knowledge and expertise, we also have access to information and technical resources that other generalist valuation firms do not. Using the industry-standard PHDWin program, we can create supportable decline curve analyses for use in valuing upstream oil and gas working and royalty interests, as well as partnership units.

We also have strategic partners available to us that provide expertise in valuing non-producing interests such as oil and gas leases, as well as expertise in reservoir engineering and optimizing oil and gas wells.

ValueScope’s knowledge of fair value / fair market value concepts and their conceptual application to petroleum reserves enables us to provide credible and independent analyses, consultations, and documented valuation reports. ValueScope’s team and partners include experienced petroleum engineers, Ph.D. economists, Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Petroleum Landmen, Certified Valuation Analysts, and Certified Public Accountants that provide rigor and credibility to our analyses and reports.*

Clients routinely retain our professionals to:

• Develop independent analyses of the fair value / fair market value of petroleum reserves and mineral interests,

• Develop independent analyses of the fair value / fair market value of E&P corporations shares and limited partnership units, and

• Provide economic damage calculations and valuation support/expert testimony in litigation matters.

We are proud of the full suite of services we bring to our oil and gas clients.  Let ValueScope put our expertise to work for you!

*ValueScope is not a licensed CPA firm.
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