ValueScope provides sophisticated analysis for bankruptcy, insolvency, and reorganization situations in the energy space.  Our experience, resources, and technical industry expertise mean you and your team will have admissible financial analysis. We can also offer critical insight to help protect and enhance the interests of creditors, management, and shareholders. We offer analysis and testimony related to:Dlkfjkgdljfglkjlkvjoswpeu rjolskdjzmfoiw uer o sdhnvkjsjlkajndklf yx8o hkaljlkcxju lfs hdyahtnklejdopgju alk

  • Asset and Going Concern Valuation
  • Liquidation Analyses
  • Lost profits and earnings
  • Analysis for regulatory bodies including IRS, SEC, and FTC
  • Analysis of preferences and fraudulent transfers
  • Plan feasibility studies
  • Adequate protection issues
  • Asset identification and recovery
  • Out-of-pocket claims
  • Substantive consolidation issues
  • Intellectual property
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