ValueScope provides services to clients operating across the entire energy industry, from upstream oil and gas producers to renewable energy generators.  Our expertise is deep and broad, which allows us to offer specific technical and industry insights and capabilities that cannot be matched by generalist firms. We have a rare combination of industry, banking, consulting, valuation, and government experience at ValueScope, and this means that we understand all of the factors and drivers that move energy markets today.


ValueScope’s experts provide services to the entire energy industry and values businesses of every kind including C-Corps, Partnerships, S-Corps, and other ownership interests.


ValueScope’s energy experts use a combination of industry-standard PHDWin decline curve tools and recommended market approaches to value reserves.


ValueScope’s experts regularly assist clients in engagements ranging from alternative dispute resolution matters, intellectual property cases, royalty disputes, and economic damage issues. We are not generalists; we are energy experts and this is exactly what the energy bar demands.

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    "They've made me look better in front of my clients because they are knowledgeable and effective and solving complex problems... I recommend them highly." John Garvey, Bland Garvey Accountants and Consultants.

    John Garvey
    John Garvey, Bland Garvey Accountants and Consultants.

    "The quality of their analytics and reports is second to none" Rob Quick, RRBB, Accountants + Advisors

    Rob Quick
    Rob Quick, RRBB on why to choose ValueScope

    "They were able to quickly and efficiently help us. Their expertise made a huge difference and saved us a lot of money. At every stage in the process their professionalism has been extremely impressive. I knew we picked the right guys in the first place, but they reaffirmed that repeatedly."

    Oliver Lamb
    Oliver Lamb, Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting
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